• Effortlessly Flick Open and Closed
  • Makes Loud CLACK! Sound When Opened
  • Durable Bamboo Frame
  • Strong Cloth Material
  • Dimensions: 25 in x 13 in
  • Water-Resistant


You’re going to want to stay cool at festivals and concerts under the sun but also make that outfit look fantastic. Let’s be honest; fashion matters along with function. We will show you the way with one of these Festival Folding Fans by GloFX.


The Festival Folding Fan is a high-quality, durable folding fan made with a sturdy Bamboo frame. It’s the perfect addition to any outfit to help you stay cool while you’re tearing it up at the festivals!


GloFX’s oversized rave fans are the #1 accessory for any festival! So why not crank up your outfit to the next level too? These fans are easy to hold, easy to open, and easy to close. Put these all together and hear the loudest fan clack of them all! (And cool down in the process!) So refresh, sing, dance, and clack your GloFX fan all season long, and rest assured that it can withstand festival wear and tear, guaranteed!


All products are manufactured by GloFX

GloFX Festival Folding Fans