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Splatt. The Marketing Wakeup Podcast. l RaveTopia

Splatt. The Marketing Wakeup Podcast.

I have been a bit slow on the content on the blog this year. It’s is so easy to start the year with high hopes of what you want to achieve and as we go forward you see things slowing down in some areas. Often this is because of a speed up in other areas.

Well, this is certainly the case from my side. One of my goals was to get a podcast set p and running. My initial thought was to start interviewing leaders in their respective fields and develop it from there.

The Splatt Podcast. Catching a Marketing Wakeup

Yet I had a detour and it was a good one. I conspired with a fellow marketer, Walter Pike, who lives down the road and we now run the weekly.

We have taken a bit of a while to get together and work out the buys around the idea. We have done a few dummy runs, got the site up and running and now meet every Monday morning for a recording.

Of course that means it comes out on a Wednesday so that I can get a chance to clean it up and make it presentable

What is Splatt All About?

We know that there is a lot of changes going on in the marketing world. How we all consume has changed so fundamentally that we have to review our marketing strategies. Of course this is hard cos you cant just throw the baby out with the bath water.

You have to navigate this path quite clearly. You have to put a toe in the water and try, you have to learn and then adjust. It is very easy to say you have to have a two way conversation over the broadcast approach but there are two problems here:

  1. If you have to reallocate several hundreds of millions of rand (pounds, dollars etc.) you have to know that you will get the results. In the USA, Internet advertising is now second so the shift is there.
  2. You also have to know what you are doing. There is no point in replacing TV with twitter if your thinking is not going to change. In fact it may even be more detrimental to your brand if you stay with your broadcast mentality. There is a lot of relearning that needs to happen.

This Is A Hard Change

One of the greatest challenges any human being has is to let go of the familiar. This is why change is so darn hard. We like familiar. Its built into our mental make up.

We see the Splatt Podcast as part of this transition and we are looking forward to developing it, interacting with it and developing the idea.

You can listen to the first few podcasts on the Splatt site. Here they are:

And please let me know what you think – either here on RaveTopia or across in the Splatt Comments

About Michael Cowen

Michael Cowen is the founder of RaveTopia. We are a Word of Mouth Marketing Agency thats helps people love what you say and do, and rave about you. Michael is a Certified Net Promoter Associate with a background in trade marketing and organisational culture. You can connect with Michael on Twitter, or link up on LinkedIn.

  • http://www.adrianswinscoe.com/blog/ Adrian Swinscoe

    Hi Michael,
    Well done for getting back on the podcasting ‘horse’. I really love the statement ‘One of the greatest challenges any human being has is to let go of the familiar. This is why change is so darn hard. We like familiar. Its built into our mental make up.’ and can hear you saying this on a podcast.

    The format that you are using ie a conversation between you and Walter reminds me of http://www.marketingovercoffee.com/ which if you haven’t seen you should checkout. You’re in great company and I look forward to the series :)


    • http://www.ravetopia.com/ Michael Cowen

      Hi Adrian, thanks for those words. And for taking the time to listen to Splatt. It has been fun putting together.

      I had a look at Marketing Over Coffee quite a while back when I first wanted to tod the podcast with Walter. Its taken time to put together. We tried the skype route but it lacked the value we wanted to create. We thought it a bit silly not getting together seeing we often met over coffee anyway.

      I must go back and listen to their series again to see what is working for them.